Hsiu Lung Tao

Hsiu Lung Tao is a martial art centred on pressure point attack and defence, as well as focusing on the broader principles of martial arts science and self defence. Many of its techniques are incorporated into systems of unarmed combat taught to military and law enforcement personnel.

Hsiu Lung Tao draws on elements and concepts from various martial arts, including Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Western Boxing, Thai Boxing, Kali-Eskrima, Pencak Silat, Fencing, Savate Jujitsu, and Aikido, amongst others, although Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do is its central style.

Pressure point attacks are an advanced martial arts technique and best learnt from trained practitioners. In the modern era students and advanced martial artists often lack the time and patience to learn the skill as thoroughly as is necessary to be able to use it in combat situations such as a street attack, so at KickFit we employ select techniques which can be learnt quickly to a level which will give our students a working understanding of their application and effectiveness, part of an individual’s battery of techniques.

Hsiu Lung Tao applications can greatly improve the efficiency of other areas of martial arts training, so that opportunities for limb destruction or energetic knockouts can be better spotted and integrated into an individual’s self defence arsenal.

But perhaps best of all, all classes at Kickfit are suitable for complete beginners, intermediate and advanced students, so there is no intensive training period in any one particular martial style necessary before someone feels in a position to defend themself when they need to.