Kickfit martial arts instructor

Instructor Profile Tracy

Began training with Master Richard Hudson at Kickfit International Academy of Martial Arts in 1995 at the age of 32 in Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing and Eskrima.

Attended seminars in the UK and the Philippines with Grand Master Danny Guba, Grand Master Richard Bustillo, Grand Master Dionisio A. Canete, Grand Master Tom Muncy, Grand Master Rick Moneymaker, Master Richard Hudson, Master Percival Pableo, Master Russel Stutely and Peter Constandine.

Competed nationally and internationally in full contact Eskrima as part of the British Team in Spain in 1997 winning silver in the European championships and winning the World Championship title Women's Lightweight Division in the Philippines in 1998 and retiring from competing.

Awarded Trainee Instructor status in the Dragon Society by Grand Master Moneymaker.

Invited to join KickFit International Academy of Martial Arts Instructor Programme in 1999 and have taught adult and children's classes and private lessons.

Was the first female to be awarded a 1st Dan Black Belt at the Academy from Master Richard Hudson.

Currently concentrating on weapon work including short staff, long staff, sai, tonfa, kerombit, spear, sword and shield whilst continuing training in jeet kune do, kickboxing, silat, savate, trapping and grappling.

Previous weapon training includes techniques and sparring in single and double stick, single and double knife, nunchakus, espada-daga (sword and knife) and pocket sticks.

Future training this year will concentrate on throwing knives, throwing axes, knotted rope, bullwhip, balisong and yo yo.

Participated in 16 hours and 24 hours martial arts marathons raising money for children's cancer charities and hospital wards.

Participated in displays nationally fighting with machetes, sticks, knives and empty hand.

Also study tai chi for use as a meditation rather than for martial arts.

Why do I do Martial Arts ?

  • it might save my life or someone else's life
  • it's a far more exciting way of keeping fit than exercise classes or in a weights gym
  • it keeps my mind alert and my body toned
  • I am constantly learning and constantly giving
  • it keeps me humble and respectful of the dangers of the world
  • this is a very friendly and inspiring academy which seeks to bring out the best in everyone