Kickfit martial arts instructor

Instructor Profile Chloe

I started training in Zen Judo aged eleven and continued for three years earning my blue belt. I also competed numerous times and won silver in the 1997 Zen Judo championships. I started training in Jeet Kune Do under Master Richard Hudson in 2001 aged 17 and later took up kickboxing and Eskrima. In 2002 I completed my A levels and won a place to study history at Cambridge University in 2003. During my gap year I travelled to South America and Malawi, where I taught English and Maths at Malosa Secondary school and also established a self defence club, teaching over 100 girls.

On my return to the UK I decided to train to kickbox competitively. In September 2003 I fought full contact in Tilsbury, Essex and although I lost the fight I received a trophy as fighter of the night. The weekend after I attended the first UK IMB conference and trained with instructors including Richard Bustillo, Mo Teague and Johan Skalberg.

In October 2003 I started my degree at Cambridge University. I trained with the University Boxing Squad in my first year and also took up rowing. I taught a series of self defence classes for women in the University. In my second year I gave up boxing to prioritise rowing and was elected Newham College Boat Club Captain.

I train as much as I can in University holidays to maintain my martial arts skills and am training for my next grading in JKD and Eskrima with Master Richard Hudson.