Kickfit martial arts instructor

Instructor Profile Christine

My name is Christine, I'm 28yrs old, and I have been training at Kickfit since 2001. I have a 3yr old son and work full time in Clinical Research.

I became interested in martial arts when I was 16. My brother got me to join a local Karate club (Chelmsford Kyokushinkai Karate). I found it really interesting, and it was an opportunity to meet other people other than at college.

University took me away from my training, and it wasn't until my partner and I moved to Nottingham over four years ago that we discovered Kickfit. I initially focused on Jeet Kune Do (JKD) and became fascinated with the open minded and scientific approach to training. This was very different to the regimented style of training I had learned as a teenager.

Over the years I found that training in one form was not enough to develop my knowledge and skills. I now train on average 5 classes a week, which include kickboxing, streetwise, JKD, and Eskrima, as well as attending regular seminars.

I was awarded Instructor Candidate in September 2004. I have recently passed my Level 4 in JKD, and I am training for my Red belt for Eskrima which I hope to take this summer.

I love training at Kickfit because I never feel limited on the training and styles I want to do. Kickfit gives people the opportunity to face their challenges in a safe environment and exceed their limitations. We are all encouraged to train with each other no matter what sex or size we are, as this is where further learning and development begins.