What People Say About KickFit…

The classes are... a welcoming and friendly environment
I started at KickFit 3 years ago having done different martial arts before. Grand Master Richard has really helped me not only refined what I knew before but pushed me to keep improving my skills and fitness.
As an office worker I’m not super fit, and don’t have the discipline to train at a traditional gym, but I really enjoy training at KickFit. The classes are varied and challenge you both physically and mentally in a welcoming and friendly environment.
Alex Gray, 31
Architectural Technologist
Practical, enjoyable, accessible
When I joined the academy a little over a year ago, I was overweight, unfit, unhappy and lacked any sense of drive or confidence whatsoever. 
Through the practical, enjoyable, accessible and varied classes I found a new outlet and perspective on life. I have lost a little over four stone in weight. I am happy, confident, proud and my family and friends cannot believe the difference in me.
My skills in martial arts have progressed to levels to that one year ago I would have thought to be impossible.
I owe all of this to Master Richard Hudson and his teachings. More importantly than all of this however, I have forged lifelong friendships with many people at Kickfit and I cannot imagine my life without the academy as a part of it.
Richard Crawley, 21
The best thing is this is all on our doorstep in Nottingham. You just have to take that step!
When I first joined I was very nervous about what to expect and imagined there would be all these black-belts training on one side and then me and a couple of beginners in the corner.
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw beginners, intermediate and advanced students all training together.
At Kickfit the emphasis is on your martial art’s journey and not just taking a grading to move up the ranks – It’s great because you never know what your session holds for you.
Our chief instructor Master Richard Hudson can draw upon knowledge from many arts because he’s trained all over the world with some of the most respected martial arts practitioners.
He is very down to earth and for me that helps to improve my learning.
I started training to help me gain better self control and I am now feeling the gains in my everyday life.
The best thing is this is all on our doorstep in Nottingham. You just have to take that step.
Ian Foss, 26
They made me feel welcome ...
I have been training at KickFit Academy for nearly a year now and have totally surprised both family and friends by sticking at it for so long. I first started doing kung fu with a different club and found that I did enjoy it but did not think it was practical for everyday life or situations that as a female I may find myself in. I then found KickFit Martial Arts Academy and Master Richard Hudson.
At first I was very nervous about going as I carry a little more weight than I would like to. I really thought that everyone would be super-fit and really experienced. In my first lesson I learned to get myself out of many situations where I could have been harmed. I came away thinking “that was hard and I am really tired but I can learn to protect myself”. KickFit’s philosophy is what you learn today, you can use today.
I also found that everyone was very willing to share their knowledge with me and help out when I got a bit confused. Everyone made me feel so welcome. I didn’t feel left out or segregated due to my lack of fitness or experience. I was encouraged to join in and get stuck in.
The one thing I really feel at ease with at KickFit is that Master Richard Hudson never judges you. All he asks is that you try your best and work yourself to your personal limit. In return he has a wealth of personal knowledge and experiences that he can draw on and pass onto you.
I have progressed my training from twice a week, one class a night to four times a week and nearly all the classes on the timetable – that is really how addictive the atmosphere is at KickFit.
On a personal note a year later I now feel more confident and am a lot fitter than I have ever been.
I have recently competed in a novice and intermediate stick fighting competition where I won a silver medal in the ladies single stick fighting and a bronze in the double stick fighting. I am now looking forward to competing in the British Championships in Luton and also will hopefully be competing in a Kick Boxing/Thai Boxing Charity Fight Night, both in November 2006.
None of this would have been possible without the training and guidance that I get from Master Richard Hudson and the other instructors here at Kickfit.
Cassie Boyce Picken, 30
Strategic Account Co-ordinator
I enjoy the variety of training at KickFit...

I had a couple of tries at judo at school and achieved top orange belt but to be honest, I was never very good at it. Judo never seemed very practical to me because it is more of a sport than a combat system.

I moved to Nottingham in November 2005 and found out about KickFit by personal recommendation shortly afterwards.

I enjoy the variety of training at KickFit and I have done a fair amount in all the different classes. All the instructors bring their own styles of teaching.

There is a good range of sessions from the physically tough to the technical and practical sessions. We are encouraged to train with everybody so I am helped by people with more experience and enjoy passing on my knowledge to beginners.

Why do I train at Kick Fit?

  • It could help me get myself out of a difficult situation
  • It gives me the awareness not to get into a difficult situation in the first place
  • I train much more regularly and intensively than I would do if I just ran or went to the gym
  • I enjoy training and just being physically fit
  • I feel significantly safer on the streets and have been prepared to fight on a couple of occasions.
Andrew Keir, 25
Financial Statistician
I already feel part of the family...

I’ve only been training at the KickFit Academy a short while but already I feel like part of the family.

Having never trained in martial arts before I was a bit nervous at first but Richard made me feel right at home straight away. Once I had tried a couple of the classes on offer I settled for the mixed martial arts and Jeet Kune Do classes; I can’t believe how quickly I have progressed.

Master Richard’s enthusiasm is so infectious it’s impossible not to get stuck in and enjoy yourself. My only issue is finding the time to come down as often as I’d like as there’s so much to learn.

If you’re looking for a friendly, relaxed and respectful environment Kick-Fit is the only choice. There’s something for everyone.

James Burwood, 26
A friendly and helpful atmosphere...

I have been training at kick fit for over three months now and have found it both an enjoyable place to train whilst also being extremely challenging.

Over the three months I have greatly improved my fitness, stamina and confidence not only within martial arts but also in daily life.

The training is flexible and you can choose the areas you wish to concentrate on and the instructors will assist you in building up areas in which they think you could improve, giving you a good all round training schedule.

You meet people from all walks of life and there is a friendly helpful atmosphere in the gym, coupled with competitve and intesive training.

Training at Kick Fit also got me interested where the arts taught at the academy originate and inspired me to go and visit them and I have just returned from a trip to Indonesia.

Ian Young, 25
Software Engineer
Thank you for your passion and dedication to the boys, and for everything you do for them!

I am pleased to write this testimonial to endorse and support Kickfit Martial Arts, Nottingham.

I have two sons who attend Kickfit. At first, I registered my youngest son because he is the victim of bullying at school and found it hard to feel positive about either school or himself, or to feel strong.

Our first encounter with Master Richard Hudson was at the recommendation of a friend when I was at my wits end. I really had no expectations other than that he might learn to hold his head up. The reasons to renew their memberships are completely different today!

I have noticed a dramatic change in my sons. They are more self confident than ever before. My oldest one was not interested in the classes at the time I registered his younger brother. It only took a few weeks before he expressed an interest in joining as well and now he is so committed that it is an integral part of his life. They both look forward to each session.

Master Richard Hudson is really keeping them both motivated. He has had to adopt two very different instruction styles as my boys have completely opposite learning styles. With the youngest Richard had to ensure that the sessions were free of any feelings of intimidation at first and move forward slowly and gently. He has continued to inspire their development and now the youngest is much more robust!

Their confidence has grown with the realisation that they have a strength which comes from within. I think that they both feel stronger, more aware and confident. I know that I am happier knowing they are more confident and self-assured and that they are more able to handle themselves in everyday life.

Thank you for your passion and dedication to the boys, and for everything you do for them!

Lesley Brewer B.Ed, MA, NPQH