Young Warriors

Young Warriors Kids Academy

An excellent opportunity for youngsters to expend some of that never-ending energy and learn martial art skills and disciplines that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

As well as self-defence skills, martial arts can help your child develop self-confidence, co-ordination and discipline. The age range for the Young Warriors class is 5-16 years.

The Young Warriors learn the same skills as the adults and a typical class includes:

  • warm up exercises
  • stretching
  • shadow boxing
  • press-ups
  • footwork
  • kicking techniques
  • hand techniques
  • grappling techniques

All techniques are learnt and practised with a partner using focus pads for sharp precision techniques and Thai pads/kick shields for more powerful techniques.

Students are graded when they reach the appropriate level and classes are suitable for complete beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Here’s what one of our youngsters says about training at Kickfit:

If you’re worried about coming and think you might get hurt, well
don’t – just remember this – listen to the instructors, you won’t be
forced to do anything you don’t want to, you’re in a safe and
controlled area, and most of all, have fun! I really recommend
you come to KickFit classes to find out how much fun training can be.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t do the technique perfectly, you’ve only just started!

You will get to train with many different people from beginner to advanced level and you will find that all of the advanced students are very willing to help you learn and get into the swing of things.

After all, we were all beginners once!