French Savate

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Also known as French kickboxing or Boxe Francais, this combat sport uses boxing hand skills along side kicking techniques.

Kicking techniques only use the foot rather than the shins like other combat sports and the name “Savate” comes from the  French for “old shoe”.

Savate originated as a street fighting technique at the beginning of the 19th Century and quickly became popular with sailors in the south of France.

Today Savate is popular all over the world and has influenced other maritial arts.

French Savate and Kickboxing

At KickFit  our history began strongly in Kickboxing and Savate.   Our chief instructor, Sifu Richard Hudson, was British Kickboxing Champion in 1993 and has a solid grounding in these arts also including Muay Thai and kicking techniques from the Filipino Martial Arts.

french savate kickboxing martial arts nottingham
french savate kickboxing martial arts nottingham