Progressive Kickboxing

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At KickFit our progressive kickboxing classes are designed by GM Sifu Hudson who, among his many accolades, is British Kickboxing Champion in 1993.

The progressive kickboxing class is a hybrid blend of the following martial art styles…

Kickboxing Nottingham Kickboxing Nottingham

A typical kickboxing class consists of…

  • warm up exercises
  • stretching
  • shadow boxing
  • fitness and circuit training
  • footwork
  • skipping
  • kicking techniques
  • hand techniques

Many of the kickboxing techniques are learnt and practiced with a partner using focus pads for sharp precision techniques and Thai pads / kick shields for more powerful techniques.

Kickboxing Nottingham Kickboxing Nottingham

Students are graded when they reach the appropriate level and classes are suitable for complete beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Kickboxing Nottingham

If you have any questions or would like to visit the gym, just contact us, we’ll be happy to hear from you.