Jeet Kune Do Training

Jeet Kune Do Training

Established in 1995.   Chief instructor is Grand Master Richard Hudson. He is proficient in a wide variety of martial arts and former British Champion and World Champion.

We teach a mixture of martial arts styles ranging from Kickboxing to Jeet Kune Do to Silat, but at KickFit, although we do stick to a timetable of different classes, teaching takes the form generally of classes which incorporate various disciplines to produce effective fighting techniques which can be used in self-defence straight away.

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Classes are informally taught. This means new students mix and train with long-time students. This improves everybody’s techniques and ability, and newcomers won’t have to train for years before they feel capable of defending themselves in situations which might arise today or tomorrow, not five years down the line!

Look around the site to get a better idea of what we offer at KickFit.  Read the testimonials to get different perspectives on what people get out of training and their achievements including European and also World Champions!

If you would like to join our Jeet Kune Do training classes then get in touch NOW!

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, check out our JKD page HERE and more information HERE.

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Knife-Defence Workshop

Survivors of the  “Defence Against Knives” course!

Recently we held a knife defence workshop here at KickFit Nottingham.  Our Knife-Defence Workshop incorporated techniques from Eskrima, Kali, Arnis along with Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do and also Silat.

Knife-Defence Workshop

In this workshop we demonstrated several methods from different martial arts.  Below is a brief description of each:

Eskrima was developed in the Philippines by the peasant people during the civil, tribal and world wars.

Translated as “skirmish”, the main weapon is a simple “rattan” stick. Once you have picked up the basics, you can soon turn the most useless of objects such as a rolled up newspaper into an imposing weapon.

Grandmaster Danny Guba & Master Richard Hudson at KickFit

Grandmaster Danny Guba and Master Richard Hudson Eskrima Nottingham

The eskrima classes are graded in “Estilo Libre Eskrima”.  This is Master Richard Hudson’s own system and includes…

  • single stick
  • double stick
  • stick & knife
  • double knife
  • sword & knife
  • nunchakus
  • pocket sticks
  • empty hand techniques

Knife-Defence Workshop

Pencak Silat is an ancient fighting art mainly associated with Indonesia

Silat is a complex art, which utilises many low stances. For example, the “Sempa” requires the person to place one leg behind the other in a hook stance, bend the knee and go all the way down so that they are sitting on the floor.

Silat Nottingham
Silat Nottingham

Silat practitioners often leave target areas such as the face or torso unguarded in an attempt to entice an opponent into attacking the exposed area. 

They will then use lightning quick attacking movements to destroy the attackers limb.  Often known as a gunting, which means to scissor. These limb destruction techniques can be used as a bridge to move in and attack the more vital areas such as the torso, groin and face.

As well as empty hand techniques, the Silat practitioner also uses a variety of weapons.  These include swords, shields, spears and knives.

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Martial Arts Nottingham Self Defence Classes

KickFit martial arts academy opened in 1996 and continues to teach the martial way.

Located in Nottingham city, Lowdham Street, the martial arts academy is run by chief instructor Grand Master Richard Hudson, 9th Dan Doce Pares and offers an excellent range of international martial arts and fitness tuition in premises with two main teaching rooms, a weights area, changing rooms, shower and shop.

Grand Master Richard Hudson’s method of instruction involves training his students in a wide variety of skills, constantly showing new ways and techniques to counter attacks.

The academy has a large number of champions (including world champions) and medal winners from various competitions and continues to do so.

The KickFit Academy encourages all students to help one another within a class and this culture allows beginners and intermediate students to train together successfully – students learn from instructors and instructors learn from students.

All classes have a grading system and we encourage all students to attain these levels on a regular basis. However, the emphasis remains to learn a wide skill base rather than sticking to the confines of a single grading at a time.

KickFit martial arts academy is recognised by:

  • AMA – Amateur Martial Association
  • WAKO GB – World Association of Kickboxing
  • BCCMA – British Council for Martial arts 

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